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We are proud of an extensive record of delivery to major whiskey producers and provide total support for a complete plant from planning to commissioning. Our strength is in the reliable after-sales service that ensures a quick response to any problem. We are chosen because of our overall performance in enabling the long-term use of products through modification and maintenance.


Steps to Equipment Installation

Distilling Equipment Items



We import and assemble a crushing mill manufactured by Künzel in Germany. This equipment can be delivered in compact units. It is our strength to be able to provide complete support up to maintenance, whether or not it is for our product.


Mashing and Filtering

Mashing (preparation) is the process of extracting wort (sugar solution), which is needed for fermentation, from malt. Our proprietary technology enables the extraction of clear wort, which is needed for good fermentation.



Fermentation is the process of decomposing sugars in the wort, obtained in the mashing process into alcohol and carbon dioxide, through the action of yeast to produce fermented liquor (mash) with a final alcohol content of about 7 to 9 percent. We use a stainless-steel fermentation tank with temperature control capability. It is easy to clean and has hygienic advantage.



The distillation process converts the mash with an alcohol content of 7 to 9 percent obtained in the fermentation process into liquor with a higher alcohol content, which is done with a set of distillation stills and cooling devices (condensers). We manufacture single-pot distillation stills called pot stills. A set of pot stills consists of a wash still, which distills mash to liquor with a slightly higher alcohol content, and a spirit still, which re-distills the liquor produced in the wash still. We make full use of our advanced welding and forming technology to produce custom still shapes. We are also proud of high reliability in welding and machining copper, which is said to be difficult.

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