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With the ability to provide a total solution from planning to design, production, and commissioning and the flexibility to accommodate any orders, we are proud of our extensive record of delivery to major beer producers and respond quickly to any trouble such as maintenance requirement. Our strength is the overall power to ensure long use of products through modification and maintenance. It is also an advantage that our products are more resistant to earthquakes and other disasters than imported products.


Steps to Equipment Installation

Brewing Equipment Items



We import and assemble a crushing mill manufactured by Künzel in Germany. For craft beer, this equipment can be delivered in compact units. It is our strength to be able to provide complete support up to maintenance, whether or not it is for our product.



Brewing tanks are the equipment for mashing the malt. Many Japanese beer companies useMash Kettle together since they use a mashing method with decoction mashing. Our proprietary technology enables uniform feeding of the malt. In addition, our equipment has an in-tank agitator that features low shearing force and uniform temperature.



After mashing, the mash is filtered to extract only the liquid content (wort). Specifically, a duckboard-shaped filtering screen is placed on the bottom of the equipment to separate the wort from the lees. Our proprietary technology enables the extraction of a large amount of clear wort with few impurities in a short time.



A Wort kettle is the equipment for boiling the wort while adding hops, another important ingredient in beer. It is equipped with awort boiler, which is also manufactured in-house. The wort is heated in the copper or stainless-steel pipe and diffused upward at once. This enables uniform and efficient boiling with low pressure steam to facilitate heat recovery.



A whirlpool is the equipment for precipitating and separating trub that consists of proteins, lipids, and hop lees coagulating in the wort pan. The wort introduced from a tangent direction is separated into clear wort and trub by the centrifugal force and the difference in specific gravity. Our technology ensures the extraction of clear wort from the bottom hole, with the trub remaining at the bottom of the whirlpool.


Fermentation tank

We offer a variety of custom-made fermentation and storage tanks, from open tanks to large cylindroconical tanks with a cylindrical inverted cone shape. Our unique design jacket ensures efficient cooling. We also offer peripherals, such as yeast tanks, beer filters, and bright beer tank.



The steam coming out from the wort pan is discharged to the outside through the exhaust stack. At this time, it is important to prevent environmental problems caused by the odor of the discharged steam while recovering heat from this steam to save energy. Our unique combination of a low-pressurewort boiler and an ejector features high steam reuse rate and high efficiency.

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